Dan Digs on WNXP – May 5, 2024

Getting deep in the DJ mix for episode 2.

Every Sunday 5p-7p CT I spin a curated blend of electronic soul, leftfield indie, experimental beats, uptempo house grooves, and global sounds live from the studio.

Tune in each week for a special hand-picked mix of brand new music, classic deep cuts, guest DJ sets live in studio, and in-depth interviews with the world’s most innovative musicians.

For our second episode, we went all over the musical map.


WILLOW & Jon Batiste – “home”

Basement Jaxx – “U Can’t Stop Me”

Cloudchord – “Dune Cruiser” feat. Monster Rally

Cruza – “Such Is Love”

Charlotte Day Wilson – “My Way”

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Telescope”

Clyde Beats – “Unconditional”

Jonny Drop & Andrew Ashong – “One to Free”

Hermanos Gutiérrez – “Low Sun”

Glass Beams – “Orb”

MRCY – “R.L.M”

Miranda Joan – “Where Did You Go” (Ash Walker Remix)

Marker Starling – “Give It Up for Love” (Ned Doheny Cover)

JW Francis – “Turtleneck Weather “

Salin – “Current”

Moon Soul – “Don’t Change”

Poolside & Ora the Molecule – “Where Is the Thunder?” (Neil Frances Remix)

Home Frango – “Come Again”

OMA – “NY State Of Mind” (Nas Cover)

Thee Heart Tones – “No Longer Mine”

RAH & The Ruffcats “MoonSun”

santpoort – “life moves fast” feat. Criibaby

Slowdance – “whenyougottago”

Maria Chiara Argirò – “Time”

Astairé – “Double Vision”

musclecars – “Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)” feat. Natalie Greffel

Justice – “Dear Alan”

Cowboy Simple – “Wichita Lineman” (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)

Brijean – “Roller Coaster”

Bad Tuner – “Repeat to Fade” feat. Pollena

Sweatson Klank – “The Road To Love” (Session Victim Remix)

Hinako Omori – “Cyanotype Memories” (Joe Goddard Remix)

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