New Music Experience: Favorites So Far 2024

This week WNXP DJ’s Celia, Justin Barney, Dan Digs, Aaron Monty, Jude Mason and Carly Butler joined me in picking some our Favorites So Far of 2024 from new song to new album to new artist. Listen in to hear why we picked who we picked.

Song of the Week – Deadletter “Mere Mortal”
Featured New Release – Arooj Aftab “Zameen”

Favorites So Far:
English Teacher “R&B” (Celia)
Sungu Lubuka “Petelo Vicka et Son Nzaazi” (Justin Barney)
Bodega “Cultural Consumer III” (Emily Young)
Gossip “Give It Up For Love” (Aaron Monty)
Home Counties “Dividing Lines” (Jude Mason)
Bryony Jarman-Pinto “Moving Forward” (Dan Digs)
Orla Gartland “Little Chaos” (Carly Butler)
mk.gee “Alesis” (Jason Moon Wilkins – album)
Waxahatchee “Roght Back to It” (Jason Moon Wilkins – song)