New Music Experience: August 19, 2022

LISTEN to the New Music Experience


  1. Rock Eupora “Ode to My Friends”
  2. Allison Russell feat. Brandi Carlile “You’re Not Alone”
  3. Old Sea Brigade “Monochrome”
  4. repeat repeat “FTD”
  5. Andrew Goldring “Green Grasses”
  6. Stephen Sanchez “Hey Girl”
  7. Ruby Amanfu “Way Down”
  8. Airpark feat. St. Lucia “Under the Light”
  9. Veaux “Golden”
  10. The Medium “Don’t Stay Out”
  11. Andrew Combs “Drivel to a Dream”
  12. Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears “Curse The Conscience”
  13. Dean Fertita “Wheels Within Wheels”  
  14. Jessie Baylin “Time is a Healer”