New Music Experience: August 13, 2021

This week’s show celebrates some long-awaited new releases from artists whose music you hear quite a bit on WNXP like Jade Bird, the Killers, Big Thief and Jungle. We also listen in on the interview between DJ Adam Culver and Nashville-based Record of the Week artist Samia. And we spotlight some of our favorite recent finds including a North Carolina band updating 90’s indie rock, an all-female UK group mixing new wave, punk and pop and a singer-songwriter who manages to steer clear of sounding too much like a, uh, singer-songwriter.

We start with a recommendation from Editorial Director Jewly Hight who passed along Binki’s instantly satisfying debut EP Motor Function. He’s on the Fader label and you may have Shazamed his song “Heybb” from an Apple commercial last year. He’s already racking up critical high fives from folks like AV Club who say “This son of Kenyan immigrants blends shimmering Britpop, gnarly American electro, and easygoing pop bravado into a distinctive sound.

  1. Binki “Landline”
  2. Jungle “All of the Time”
  3. Big Thief “Little Things”
  4. Lime Garden “Sick & Tired”
  5. Killers “In Another Life”
  6. Cherry Glazerr “Soft Drink”
  7. Jade Bird “Punchline”
  8. Samia Record of the Week Interview with Adam Culver
  9. Wednesday “Handsome Man”
  10. Good Morning “Country”
  11. Tasha “Lake Superior”