My Cup Runneth Over (With Coffee)

To celebrate September 29, National Coffee Day, and October 1, International Coffee Day, we split the difference on a September 30 #ThematicStatic designed to put some fuel in your tank, pep in your step, etc. What pairs better with a morning show segment than freshly brewed coffee?

Even if you’re off this sauce (and good for you if you are caffeine-free, because I honestly cannot imagine) you may enjoy hearing songs that span some 80 years and a variety of genres, proving coffee has been a worthy theme across eras, places and styles. Stream the full #ThematicStatic playlist and other picks that fit the theme!

#ThematicStatic Playlist

  • Sam Cooke covering Frank Sinatra “The Coffee Song (They’ve Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil)” – this one with the gratuitous parenthetical title also has impressive lyrics, i.e. the rhyming of “cherry soda” with “fill that quota.” Thanks for the request, Levia!
  • Roger McGuinn & Calexico covering Bob Dylan – “One More Cup of Coffee” – it was probably the original requested by Grant and Vince, from Dylan’s mid-70s release Desire. I could’ve also played the super White Stripes cover. Instead, I chose this one from the I’m Not There film soundtrack because Calexico is an excellent band and Roger McGuinn is, well, Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. I’m slowly infiltrating the library with classic rockers, is it obvious? 😬
  • Blur – “Coffee and TV” – Josh took us back to the building blocks of the Britpop movement with this one. Watch
  • 👇🏼 the original video:
  • Sylvan Esso – “Coffee” – thanks to WPLN Arts & Culture Reporter Paige Pfleger for this great fit in today’s #ThematicStatic!
  • Humble Pie – “Black Coffee” – see my above note about classic rock. I was grinning like an idiot with the studio speakers up loudly for this one, despite how out-of-touch this lyric now seems in the age of $7 pour-overs:

I said a dime is all it costs in the States
For a cup of black coffee, how good it tastes

“Black Coffee” by Humble Pie

  • Orion Sun – “Coffee for Dinner” – Zach and Lillian asked for this one from Philly-based singer who released her debut record last year, Hold Space For Me, with this one on it. Watch 👇🏼 the official video:
  • The Ink Spots – “Java Jive” – going alllll the way back to 1940, this adorable ode to hot caffeinated beverages was a regular spin in my house growing up, but done by vocal quartet The Manhattan Transfer. I played the original for my mom Holly and good friend Hannah, who both requested it!


  • Julian Moon – “A Cup of Coffee” – our sometimes weekend DJ/sometimes Sonic Cathedral sound wizard Michael Pollard mentioned this one that I’d never heard! The profanity made it not safe for the family-friendly program known as #ThematicStatic BUT you might proceed in a kid-free space and listen to the barista-POV tune here:
  • Otis Redding – “Cigarettes and Coffee” – Grant and Phillip-Michael piped up with this request and I *FORGOT* to get it up here this morning, my apologies, fellas! It’s so good.
  • Carly Simon – “You’re So Vain” Laura and Levia both suggested this tune for its applicable and unforgettable verse:

You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive
Well you said that we made such a pretty pair and that you would never leave
But you gave away the things you loved
And one of them was me
I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee

“You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon
  • El Presidente – “Cafe con Leche” – Abel came through with fantastic recs from Latin America once again. 🙏 This one is your get-up-from-your-desk-and-dance soundtrack, trust!