Houston Kendrick’s Picks: Music That Inspires WNXP’s Nashville Artist Of The Month

WNXP’s Nashville Artist Of The Month Houston Kendrick was kind enough to share with us a playlist of music that he’s been listening to during the lockdown of the past year – while he was writing his new record, Small Infinity.

Here’s what Kendrick has to say about his playlist:

Small Infinity has a timeless sound and feel, but at the end of the day it’s a quarantine album. Every song (save for 2) was written during the pandemic, and these records were the soundtrack to my lockdown. One thing about my taste in music is that I love virtuosity. Each of the songs I’ve selected for this playlist features artists who are completely in their bag lyrically, vocally, and sonically. From the tender yearning of a lover scorned in ‘Pick Up Your Feelings’ to the bombastic and triumphant swagger of ‘Black Parade’, these songs span the entire emotional spectrum which runs parallel to the real life emotional rollercoaster that brought ‘Small Infinity’ into reality.