Hey, batter batter! Walk-up music to get you pumped

The day that lives in infamy, the day we played Slayer on #ThematicStatic. 🙉 But, really, this whole hour was super wild with hard rock, hip-hop and infectious pop tunes you said would serve as your baseball walk-up music. Enjoy the postseason games with the TV on mute and this archived October 6 #ThematicStatic show (👇) turned way up!

Remember you are welcome at all times to send us requests for future #ThematicStatic themes and/or songs via WNXPNashville on social media.

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Rage Against The Machine – “Sleep Now In The Fire” – My little brother’s lifelong buddy (and fellow little league baseballer) Ryan came out to this one in college and I bet that ripped.

Stevie Nicks – “Edge of Seventeen”- .Linda requested this one before Nicks came to town to play Ascend!

Jack White – “Lazaretto” – Sam picked local with a request for the third man (John White III) himself.

Daisha McBride – “Nerve” – More local! And this record of Daisha’s, Let Me Get This Off My Chest, was once our #RecordoftheWeek.

Foo Fighters – “Everlong” – Modern “classic rock” right here.

Nicole Atkins – “Domino” – Caleb threw some local love (baseball pun very much intended, holler at our Nashville Sounds) to Nicole. This groove is definitely one during which I can see a hitter strutting up to home plate.

Petey Pablo – “Raise Up” – How hype was this to hear over your FM airwaves in 2022 WNXP? Shoutout the all the North Carolinians including (possibly?) listener/requester Margaret.

Phish – “Tweezer (Reprise)” – :: Motions anyone within ear shot to gather ’round. :: Well you see, kids, no matter where in a Phish show you step into the freezer, you know you have a “Tweeprise” to look forward to, which makes “Tweezer” extra exciting. Orrr the reprise might be carried over to the next show, because they keep us on our toes. Because Mike and Martha Ann separately requested this as walk-up music, here’s some high-quality 2010 fan footage from when the boys from Vermont played it twice.

Lil’ Kim & 50 Cent “Magic Stick” – Hahahaha, Evan. This also sounded so good on the radio, especially going into…

Slayer – “Raining Blood” – Daren broke public radio with this (honored) request. How can you end a show on anything BUT this? You can’t. Bottom of the 9th, let’s go.