From Virality to Rockstar: Beach Bunny Live at WNXP

Very few artists have seen the impact of Tik Tok quite like Chicago indie darlings Beach Bunny. After the title track from the quartet’s Prom Queen EP went viral, teenagers across the globe flocked to the band’s shows, packing out clubs with herds of young women ready to worship at the feet of frontwoman Lili Trifilio. Fast-forward to their recent sophomore effort Emotional Creature, which proves Trifilio is worthy of the hype. Coming in at 36 minutes, the record is packed with punchy pop-punk ditties exploring topics like self-worth and heartbreak. Sonically, the album feels like Paramore meets The Breeders. Combine that with highly-relatable lyrics, and the result is another dozen songs worthy of virality.

Watch Beach Bunny perform the viral hits “Prom Queen” and “Cloud 9” plus “Oxygen” and “Weeds” off Emotional Creature live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.