Blondshell Makes WNXP Debut

There are few artists who can instantly capture a brand new audience with just a few songs, but that is what LA-based musician and songwriter Sabrina Teitelbaum has done with her new project Blondshell. Her first single “Olympus” caused a lot of buzz, but when “Kiss City,” an intimate track about the vulnerability of sex and love, dropped, every music critic, publication and fan alike knew she was an artist on the rise. Whether it’s through punchy rock ‘n’ roll tracks or channeling ’90s-era femme fatales, Teitelbaum is writing anthems for a new generation of angsty alt-rock lovers.

Watch Blondshell perform “Joiner,” “Kiss City,” “Veronica Mars” and “Sepsis” from her forthcoming self-titled debut live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral. Blondshell drops April 7 via Partisan Records.