Ayisha Jaffer Says Goodbye to WNXP

Jewly Hight (left), Ayisha Jaffer (right) having fun in the WNXP Studios

Our midday host and assistant program director is moving to the great North to join the team at The Current.

“Can you believe that I’ve been at WNXP for over half of it’s existence? We’ve come so far as a station and are grateful for your continued support. You truly are what makes this station special. WNXP was created for this community because you asked for it and I truly feel so grateful to have been a part of its founding journey, adding to lives in this community in such a positive way and creating a platform for those talents, leaders, and dreamers who may not have otherwise been recognized. And all alongside an unbelievably passionate team. This work is personal to me and the connections I’ve made with you the listener and this unbelievably unique and special community are ones that will not fade. I believe WNXP has a big future ahead. I’m so glad to have been a part of it and thank YOU for continuing to be a part of it.  And so, I won’t say goodbye, I will say, until next time. Thanks again for letting me be one of your voices and neighbors. Take care of each other Nashville.”