A Nashville Reunion: Be Your Own Pet Live at WNXP

After a 15-year hiatus, one of Nashville’s finest (and rowdiest) outfits is back and better than ever. A lot has changed for the members of Be Your Own Pet — marriage, kids, mortgages — but one thing remains the same: their frenetic, anti-establishment punk rock. On their new record Mommy, frontwoman Jemina Pearl owns a sense of maturity, both lyrically and creatively. No longer a teenager influenced by “the man,” Pearl is free to make her own decisions, and she does so righteously and unapologetically. Be Your Own Pet’s production has also matured. Mommy remains appropriately scattered, but with a crisp undertone that makes heavy topics like mental disorders, abortion care and patriarchy more palatable for the not-so-keen.

Watch Be Your Own Pet perform “Worship The Whip,” “Hand Grenade” and “Big Trouble” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.