Women’s History Month 🤝 WNXP’s ’90s Weekend

What a time it was to be alive in the 1990s and gobble up new music ranging from grunge to hip-hop to sugary pop to smooth R&B. As a team on Nashville’s Music Experience, we’re reviving lots of Top 40 goodness, and more underground stuff, too, for the Spring Fund Drive celebration over ’90s Weekend (March 25-26). But FIRST, I gathered some of the fiercest femmes in the requests you’ve sent in so we could also dedicate a celebration to Women’s History Month through song before March comes to a close.

Take a listen (👇🏼) to the March 23 #ThematicStatic, rebroadcast on Sunday, March 26. Leave us a comment with your donation when you give to the Spring Fund Drive by Wednesday, March 29 and we’ll continue blessing the airwaves with 24- to 33-year-old tunes like those below. Reach us anytime on Twitter or Instagram @WNXPNashville.

#ThematicStatic Playlist – 3/9/23

Salt-n-Pepa – “None of Your Business” – 1993 – Kari’s request

Sarah McLachlan “Building a Mystery” – 1997 – This is for my brother Miles, who bought this CD when he was, like, 8 years old. It’s also for everyone who felt an uplift with the advent and continuation of Lillith Fair. Thanks, Sarah!

Suzanne Vega – “Blood Makes Noise” – 1992 – Nancy’s request

The Spice Girls – “Say You’ll Be There” – 1996 – Jude’s intro for this set the scene in England at the time The Spice Girls broke through.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Kiss Them For Me” – 1991 – Dylan’s request

Lauryn Hill – “Ex-Factor” – 1998 – Native Nashvillian E.C., also an incredible vocalist, called back to this Grammy-winning smash solo debut of The Fugees’ singer

Letters to Cleo – “Here and Now” – 1993 – Stephen reminded us of this one!

Real McCoy ft. Karin Kasar – “Another Night” – 1994 – Christine requested this co-ed German dance music group with a memorable female vocalist

Hole – “Malibu” – 1998 – Local artist Suzie Chism shared Courtney Love’s recent article published in The Guardian, which pointed out the lack of female representation (and especially that of females of color, the innovators of rock ‘n roll, FWIW) in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, even in the nomination stage. I asked Suzie if Love and other ’90s rockers had inspired her craft and what she recorded for #ThematicStatic exceeded my expectations.

Jann Arden – “Insensitive” – 1994 – Brendan reminded me of this radio hit from another Canadian artist. It appeared on the soundtrack for the sappy Bed of Roses movie.

En Vogue – “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” – 1992 – This is for Lindsey!

No Doubt – “Happy Now” – 1995 – Sarah said, “Give me anything off of Tragic Kingdom,” the breakthrough record for Gwen Stefani’s SoCal ska punk band that would continue to morph sonically and ultimately rocket her into a solo career including TV singing competition judge dominion.