What Where When-sday With Do615 – 12/22/21

With pending travel, days off work and general busy merriment around the winter holidays, we opted to double up with Zach and Chris to cover all of the remaining to-dos in 2021 on this, the final What Where When-sday of the year.

We touch on concerts both intimate (jazz club performances) and large-venue rockin’ (New Year’s Eve shows a-plenty), home team NFL games, movies, New Year’s Day hikes and more. If you’ve got more time on your hands between now and early January — and maybe a little Christmas cashola from Nana — consider supporting your local businesses and artists to close 2021 with a bang!

As always, find WNXP’s curated list below and a full slate of regional opportunities via Do615.com. We’ll catch you on January 6 for the next installment of What Where When-sday.