What Where When-sday With Do615 – 09/08/2021

Forgive us, listeners: Chris, Zach and I were all a little punch drunk (not actually intoxicated) after packed Labor Day holiday weekends. If he’s not running Do615 forever, methinks Chris could be a voice actor.

But that’s besides the point. The point being, there’s no rest for the weary in Middle Tennessee, with an amazing array of live music and more starting on another What Where When-sday with some rock ‘n roll at The 5 Spot, some crunchier options at Exit/In and The Basement over the next few days (when I’ll hit up Moon River Festival in Chattanooga), and a lovely, almost-autumn September Sundown line-up at Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park. Don’t forget Nas with the Nashville Symphony and Tim Gent opening this Sunday evening!

If live music still feels too risky (we get it), there are several outdoor options fun for the family, from The Dark Knight screening in Bicentennial, to the final weekend of Nashville Shakespeare Festival hosted at ONEC1TY! Check out many upcoming events via Do615.com: