What Where When-sday – Lera Lynn – 10/19/2022

Lera Lynn talks songwriting on new album ahead of her show at The Basement East

For another edition of What Where Wednesday keeping you up to date with the happenings in Nashville this week. Some of the highlights include WNXP favorites like Sudan Archives, Steve Lacy, Madi Diaz, Lizzo, and a whole lot more. Find out information about those events on our website wnxp.org/events.

Our special guest for What Where When-sday this week is Nashville based artist Lera Lynn. She first came to our attention through the HBO TV series True Detective, and you’ve heard us play songs from her recent album ‘Something More Than Love.’ She’ll be celebrating the release of that record tomorrow night at the Basement East. She recently stopped by the studio and spoke to our very own Jason Moon Wilkins about how the moments of her first ever experience of motherhood impacted her relationship with music and songwriting.

Listen above to this week’s breakdown of other local happenings plus Jason Moon Wilkins talking to Lera Lynn. For more events, check out our Events page wnxp.org/events and below!