Playlist: These 13 songs helped COIN get to the sound of ‘Uncanny Valley’

WNXP’s Nashville Artist of the Month for March is COIN, a rhythmically nimble alternative pop-rock trio that’s gearing up to release a new album called Uncanny Valley.

Band members Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen and Joe Memmel have been shaping their sound together for nearly a decade, and they created a playlist of musical reference points that mattered to the making of their fourth studio full-length. Here’s their explanation of why they picked these particular songs that span a half century of hooky grooves:

Since we started COIN, our musical taste & range of inspiration has always been wide — lifting from widths as far as gospel, new wave, metal. It’s taken years of blatantly ignoring our idols or fully committing to musical dress up. With this amount of input, things can get tangled & a little blurry. But over time & years of practice, we figured out that if you are “you” before, during & after a sound flows through you, inspiration becomes just that —inspiration. These are the sounds that inspired our new album Uncanny Valley.