Aaron Monty

“Monty,” “A-ron,” “Aaron Monty,” or “@amontylovesyou” – all names I answer to. I was raised in Texas, found myself in Los Angeles, and have called Nashville home since 2015. You might see me walking around the Buchanan Arts area of North Nashville with my dogs Jam and Shocka. I’m the founding member of Get Some, a dj collective in Music City made up of locals and a few transplants like myself. We play house and disco at different venues around the city, including queer friendly spaces like the CE Gallery and Canvas Lounge. Since 2004, I have been curating playlists for individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations, working to hone their sonic identities. On the artist management side, I have overseen bookings in a real ice igloo and the blazing desert heat of Coachella. But this isn’t just business for me. Music is at the core of my being— particularly electronic music. In my pre-teen years, I listened to artists like Erasure, Moby, Chemical Brothers, and Depeche Mode, many of my favorites still to this day. Beyond dance music, I catalogued everything from “Always On My Mind” by Willie to “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins. I can still recite most of the Pumpkins lyrics word for word. When it comes to music, I love a little bit of everything. I am so happy to share it all with the WNXP community.

Twitter: @amontylovesyou
IG: @amontylovesyou
Email: [email protected]

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