Nothing says “Year of the Tiger” like tunes about cats

I want to be straight with you right meow: I’m allergic to cats, and their standoffishness (characteristic of most, but not all felines, I know) is off-putting. Like, why would I feed you and house you if you won’t even hang out with me?! I need to be needed, and therefore I am a dog mom to the absolute neediest. I digress. I bet you have a very sweet cat, and I mean the second most popular pet in the world no disrespect.

We made biscuits all over the 9 o’clock hour by playing some warm and fuzzy tunes about domestic cats, wild cats, stray cats, and more. Per usual, your requests and mine span the genres, the continents and the decades. Stream the February 17 #ThematicStatic 👇🏼 and weigh in (on Instagram, Twitter or via voice memo) for next week’s celebration of our neighbors to the north — we’ll spin Canadian music-makers!

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Janet Jackson – “Black Cat”

Squeeze – “Cool for Cats” (request via Twitter)
Neko Case – “Last Lion of Albion” (Zach’s request)
Johnny Cash – “Mean Eyed Cat” (Nancy’s request)
The Cure – “The Love Cats” (requested by both Dillon and Levia)

Ratatat – “Wildcat”
Electrica Miami – “Gata” (Abel’s request)
St. Vincent – “Year of the Tiger”

Sonic Youth – “Purr”

Cat Power – “The Greatest” – I played this one for birthday bro Michael Jordan, the G.O.A.T. And I’m sharing this particular performance, since Later with Jools Holland is hosted by the former keys player for the (previously played) band Squeeze!

Pink Pantheress – “I must apologise”
The Stray Cats – “Stray Cat Strut”