New Music Experience: June 11, 2021

Madi Diaz press photo
Listen to the show.

This week the New Music Experience features no guests, no interviews, no special critic’s picks – it’s just new music full-on for a full hour. There are new releases from some of our WNXP favorites ala Madi DiazLucy Dacus and Tkay Maidza and we play catch-up on some songs that fell through the cracks in recent weeks.  

The playlist features minimalist songwriter pop and maximalist indie R&B. Songs that sound exactly like you’d expect from certain artists and some that veer so far from expectations you’re not even sure it’s the same band. There’s introspective takes on economic class division and corporate-endorsed indie rock that challenges identity politics.  

And, as always, we peer underground for some seldom heard gems including a UK duo with a confusing name and the song that kicks off the show this week from a band called Wednesday. They’re a five piece from Asheville who have studied the sights and sounds of 90’s indie rock and come away with a master thesis in the form of the song Handsome Man. It could have been a birthday tribute to the Breeders’ Kim Deal this week and the video features the band in full 90’s slacker poses playing in a K-Mart parking lot.  


  1. Wednesday: Handsome Man 
  2. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: Interior People 
  3. Lucy Dacus: Brando  
  4. King Princess: House Burn Down  
  5. Jose Gonzalez: Head On  
  6. Paw Paw Rod: Glass House  
  7. Clairo: Blouse 
  8. Dylan Cartlidge: Hang My Head  
  9. Kirk Francis: Ophelia 
  10. Katie Toupin: Ghost  
  11. Madi Diaz: Woman In My Heart  
  12. Tkay Maidza: Cashmere  
  13. Matthew E White: Genuine Hesitation  
  14. The Go! Team: Pow 
  15. Yoke Lore: Seeds