New Music Experience: Sept. 3, 2021

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This week on the show a chance to meet the newest member of the WNXP team. Ayisha Jaffer comes onboard as the new Asst Program Director and will be on the air every weekday from 11am-3pm. She shares just a little of the extraordinary path that led her to Nashville and a couple of new music picks from across the continents. We’ll also have morning host Celia’s interview with Record of the Week artist Lava LaRue. Marquis Munson highlights a surprise soundtrack song and we spotlight a new cover of one of the biggest songs in the last year.

We start in Nashville with one of our favorite finds this year – girlhouse. Things are really starting to pick up for the transplant indie crew. Scroll through Spotify and you’ll see their name atop a bunch of big-time playlists and the critics are starting to catch on as well, especially around this new song “Concussion.”