New Music Experience: Safari Room’s ‘Time Devours All Things’

This week we hang out with Alec Koukol aka Safari Room to discuss the Nashville-based artist’s new album Time Devours All Things and listen to tracks “The Great Outdoors,” “A Promise to No One” and “Blunderbuss.” We also share some new favorites from Nashville (Budge, Kyle Andrews) and beyond.

Horse Jumper of Love “Wink”
mui zyu “The Mould”
DIIV “In Amber”
La Luz “Poppies”
Wallows “You (Show Me Where My Days Went)”
Budge “Lights Off”
Kyle Andrews “John Hughes Coat”
Amyl & the Sniffers “You Should Not Be Doing That”

Extended cuts (not on the show but on the weekly Spotify playlist)
Big Special “Desperate Breakfast”
Heaven Honey “Moan”
Jahnah Camile “roadkill”
Tasha “Michigan”
Night Beds “Knoxville”
Clairo “Sexy to Someone”
softcult “Heaven”