New Music Experience: March 3, 2023

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There’s an abundance of gold on the New Music Experience today. We’ve got new tunes that you have to hear from UK-via-South Africa indie experimentalist Skinny Pelembe; Dijon, who returns with “coogie;” Iranian-American artist Rahill; dance producer Because of Art with the ravey and poetic “Circle of Light;” and so much more.

Also on the Experience: we gear up for The Beths‘ live show next week at the Brooklyn Bowl and we also air a live session from our Nashville Artist of the Month for February, R.A.P. Ferreira.

Check out “Nauseous” from our Record of the Week by local artist Annie DiRusso and as always our Song of the Week is the first thing you hear. This week it’s “Bang Bang” by the Los Angeles trio Momma.


NME Playlist – March 3, 2023

SONG OF THE WEEK: Momma “Bang Bang”

Skinny Pelembe “Don’t Be Another”

Feeble Little Horse “Tin Man”

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Annie DiRusso “Nauseous” 

Dijon “coogie”

Olivia Jean “Trouble”

Nabiha Iqbal “This World Couldn’t See Us”

LIVE PREVIEW: The Beths “When You Know You Know” (WNXP Presents March 8 at Brooklyn Bowl)

Chiiild feat. Charlotte Cardin “I Hope I Packed A Parachute”

Because of Art feat. Antony Szmierek “Circle of Light”

LIVE SESSION: R.A.P Ferreira “Consolation” (Live from WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral)

Rahill “I Smile For E”

Boygenius “Not Strong Enough”

Kali Uchis “Moonlight”

Royal Otis “Sofa King”