New Music Experience: June 4, 2021

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Today on the New Music Experience it’s a celebration – not a funky one like Kool and the Gang or a goth one like Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration (although we do have an appearance from a goth legend). No, today we celebrate new album releases – lots of them — including some of our favorite Nashvillians. Morning host Celia interviews Tristen about her new album Aquatic Flowers, out today and our current WNXP Record of the Week. Former Nashville Artist of the Month Joy Oladokun continues her run as the most played artist on the New Music Experience as we cheer on her major label debut’s release into the world. We’ll also play something from a big national release that, due to unexpected timing, has allowed Nashville to jump into the narrative.

Remi Wolf brings us the long-awaited studio version of a fan favorite, new-to-Nashville artist Samia delivers an indie power balled, and UK duo Jungle threaten to dethrone themselves with yet another contender for song of the summer.

We usually start the show with a lesser-known indie artist but in the case of Cavetown the numbers don’t add up. Three of his songs have eclipsed the 100 million play mark on Spotify. But that there’s still a decent chance you may not have heard this UK prodigy’s work. None of his songs have become hits outside of the rabid online fanbase he built as a YouTuber. His new EP Man’s Best Friend continues the confessional songwriter pop style that has endeared him to so many who often stand line at his shows offering homemade art projects. So here is the – it depends on which radar you’re using artist Cavetown to start the New Music Experience with “Idea of Her.”

  1. Cavetown Idea of Her
  2. Curtis Harding Hopeful
  3. Rostam These Kids We Knew
  4. Tristen Interview
  5. Joy Oladokun Taking The Heat
  6. Samia Show Up
  7. Remi Wolf Liz
  8. Sun Seeker Getting’ Tired
  9. Chvrches feat. Robert Smith How Not To Drown
  10. Yola Stand For Myself