New Music Experience: July 16, 2021

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This week on the New Music Experience, supported by Tennessee Brew Works, it’s all about Nashville and surprises. On the Nashville front — we have lots of great new music from local favorites Okey Dokey, *repeat *repeat, an interview with Josh Gilligan (who has our WNXP Record of the Week) and a special project from DK the Drummer (aka Darren King from Mutemath) that includes former WNXP Nashville Artist of the Month Daisha McBride and Nashville neo-soul singer Wyn Starks.

For surprises — it was a week that saw some “surprise drops” from some of our favorites including Genesis Owusu, Yves Tumor and Soccer Mommy. The Nashville indie rockers are about finally embark on a tour cut short by COVID for their highly celebrated 2020 release Color Theory. They’ve released a few one-off singles since then including one this week that was apparently supposed to be “destroyed.” Band leader Sophie Allison says she worked on this song with producer BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Chance The Rapper, Charli XCX) but told him to delete it. We’re glad he didn’t. In the spirit of destruction, or at least deconstruction, Burton still gave it the glitched up, digitally distorted treatment while leaving room for the song’s catchy pop hook to soar.

  1. Soccer Mommy “rom com 2004”
  2. Kurt Vile “Run Run Run” (Velvet Underground cover)
  3. Genesis Owusu “The Fall” (Production Coordinator Marquis Munson’s pick)
  4. Okey Dokey “Cruisin’” (Smokey Robinson cover)
  5. *repeat *repeat “Dearly Departed”
  6. Yves Tumor “Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To Them”
  7. Caroline Polachek “Bunny Is a Rider” (DJ Aaron Monty’s pick)
  8. Lala Lala “Diver”
  9. Lawrence Rothman “Breathe” (Editorial Director Jewly Hight’s pick)
  10. DK the Drummer feat. Daisha McBride and Wyn Starks “A Dagger”