New Music Experience: July 1, 2022

Listen to the New Music Experience
  1. Broken Bells “We’re Not in Orbit Yet”
  2. Poolblood “twinkie”
  3. Momma “Motorbike”
  4. Oscar Lang feat. Wallice “I’ve Never Been to LA”
  5. Son Little “Stoned Love”
  6. The Medium “Still the Best”
  7. Peach Fuzz “Hey Dood”
  8. Rock Eupora “Can You Feel the Weight?”
  9. Dreamer Boy “Hues”
  10. The Paranoyds “Lizzie”
  11. Suave Punk “Dust Bunny”
  12. Steve Lacy “Bad Habit”
  13. Launder “Intake”
  14. Nu Genea – “Tienate”-
  15. NNAMDI “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous”

This week is traditionally a little slow for new releases as the music business machine winds down for a summer break but we still found lots of good new tracks to play including a surprise drop from some legendary collaborators, an indie duo swinging for the rock star fences and an indie all-star team up featuring a Nashville name.

The band Peach Fuzz was announced this week featuring Raffaella, Sara L’Abriola, Victoria Zaro and Nashville-based Samia. The first single is “Hey Dood’ from a debut EP coming later in July on Sylvan Esso’s label Psychic Hotline.

The Nashville project Rock Eupora from songwriter Clayton Waller, recently announced their fourth album, Pick at the Scab. It’s coming in August on the Alabama based Single Lock records. Waller describes it as one that wrestles with “faith, sexuality, fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, and the intersection of it all.” But, he says, “It’s also a celebration of love, honesty, and community.”

Nashville based yk records is run by Michael Eades, who is behind the We Own This Town podcast network and has excellent tastes in just about everything so when he releases new music – we listen. This week it’s a new single from Nashville band The Medium. They’ll be issuing their sophomore record For Horses in August.

Apparently, we can longer claim Dreamer Boy as a Nashville artist, but we still love him. Zach Taylor has made the move to Los Angeles but he leaves us with a song.