New Music Experience: August 20, 2021

New Music Experience 082021
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Today on the New Music Experience, supported by Tennessee Brew Works, we celebrate two R’s – release and relief. It’s been a hard week with relentlessly hard news but it’s ok to take a break and find some relief and release in music. To that end we have meaningful new songs alongside party jams, soul stompers, fiddle riffs and grade A, old school indie rock. The WNXP staff provide some strong picks and it’s a big day for Nashville or Nashville-related releases.

We start with the latter. Shannon and the Clams’ new record is out on the Nashville-based Easy Eye sound this week. The record label founded by Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys who also produced the album. It’s 13 tracks show off a slight update to their established throwback garage soul sound with a little more polish and tight, hook-heavy songwriting that makes it – in the words of American Songwriter magazine – a “nonstop delight.”

  1. Shannon & the Clams “Midnight Wine”
  2. Anderson East “Hood of My Car”
  3. Bartees Strange “Kyoto”
  4. Orla Gartland “Things That I’ve Learned” (Celia’s pick)
  5. Parquet Courts “Walking at a Downtown Pace” (Emily Young’s pick)  
  6. Bakar “The Mission”
  7. Guided By Voices “High in the Rain”
  8. Southern Avenue “Control” (Marquis Munson’s pick)
  9. Sierra Farrell “Bells of Every Chapel” (Jewly Hight’s pick)
  10. Bob’s Burgers “Regular Fries”
  11. George Clinton “Do Fries Go With That Shake” (Not new – but how could we not?)