New Music Experience: April 8, 2022

Big release week on the New Music Experience with new records out from Calexico, Lucius, Daniel Rossen, The Regrettes, Orville Peck, Omar Apollo, Kae Tempest, Father John Misty, and, of course, Nashville-based impresario and Detroit Tiger fan Jack White.

We start the show highlighting a highly anticipated album from a band no one anticipated, not even them. UK duo Wet Leg took our world by storm last year with the “Chaise Lounge” and some labeled it a one hit wonder before it even had a chance to make it out the gates. But several singes later they have proven to be a band who can balance humor and depth. They’d be the first to say the incredible spotlight that has come with a hit single is a surprise and they’re still finding their feet as a live band, but they are charismatic, compelling and the songs on their debut week are witty, hooky and leave you anticipating more.

We also checked in on some new Nashville music, including a single by a band that not everyone realizes is based here now. Rainbow Kitten Surprise make it a little clearer in the new track out this week, Work Out, directly referencing the city in the song.

There’s newness from Michigander, one of the many fine musical folks who have moved to the Music City in the last few years. He’s been going back and forth to the state that his project is named after but we just earned that he’s now a full time Nashvillian as of last week. Welcome! The new song “In My Head” features Manchester Orchestra.

Shout out to No Country for New Nashville for turning us on to Corook – a Pittsburgh-born and Nashville-based artist who has been putting out very clever and very catchy songs on Atlantic records like this anthem that both parents and post-college students can identify with.