New Music Experience: April 23, 2021

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This week the New Music Experience featured some of the most promising new artists in Nashville whose work WNXP has been spotlighting in recent months including Dreamer Boy, The Brook & The Bluff and WNXP Nashville Artist of the Month Houston Kendrick. All are celebrating new releases this week. There’s also a cover of a lost indie classic by one of the most significant rock artists in Nashville history, Hayley Williams

We’re still working through the technical difficulties leftover from the lightning strike that hit Nashville Public Radio, so not as many guests as we’d like this week. But the WNXP staff came through with some great recommendations. Evening host Marquis Munson shared a collaboration between two of the most creative artists in any genre – Flying Lotus and Thundercat — teaming up over their shared love of Anime. We have an interview with one of the artists already being called one of the voices of her generation, Arlo Parks from our very own Mickey Parks. And, also thanks to Mickey Parks, something new from a Zimbabwean-American musician, gymnast, journalist and reality TV personality. 

We started the show like we do every week – with an artist whose work is far under the radar. LA songwriter Erick Eiser goes by the name Hornsbee, and, right now, he has just 198 monthly listeners on Spotify. But we’ll see if we can tick that up to at least 200.  

Set List

  1. Hornsbee: “Until I’m Gone” 
  2. Q: “If You Care”  
  3. Dreamer Boy: “Best of Me”  
  4. Flying Lotus feat. Thundercat: “Black Gold” 
  5. The Brook and The Bluff: “Petals on the Floor” 
  6. Houston Kendrick: “Good Evening Tennessee”  
  7. Villagers: “The First Day” 
  8. Holy Holy: “How You Been”  
  9. Shungudzo: “It’s a Good Day (To Fight the System)”  
  10. Arlo Parks Interview  
  11. Orla Gartland: “Zombie!”  
  12. Kyle Andrews: “Wild Life”  
  13. Hayley Williams: “Colour Me In”   

Black Gold — Flying Lotus feat. Thundercat

Best of Me – Dreamer Boy: