National Simplify Your Life Day on #ThematicStatic

If this is the theme, the blog post should be the simplest I’ve ever done, right? Right. Stream the show below — or, if you’re an aspiring minimalist, don’t.

#ThematicStatic Playlist

The Meters – “Hand Clapping Song” – Shane suggested this fantastic library addition I’ll soon be playing again!

Jr. Jr. – “Simple Girl”

Widowspeak – “Everything is Simple”

Chromeo – “Stay in Bed (And Do Nothing)” – A COVID-19 Year 1 jam if we’ve ever heard one. But you don’t need to be in lockdown to practice self-care and simplicity, you know.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Can it All Be So Simple”

Hop Along – “How Simple” – This 2018 track was requested by Drew.

Beach Bunny – “Gone” – What if you got rid of possessions, and relationships, that no longer serve you? GONE, baby, gone.

The Shins – “Simple Song” – This track Jon requested is on Wincing the Night Away, the band’s 2012 record. But James Mercer and Co. are currently touring the anniversary celebration of 2001 breakthrough/indie darling LP Oh, Inverted World, and the Nashville show is August 17 at Ryman Auditorium.

Animal Collective – “My Girls” – Nice one, Vince! This whole song is about sparing oneself the extraneous and enjoying the simple life with one’s nuclear family:

I don’t mean
to seem like I care about material things
like a social status
I just want
four walls and adobe slabs for my girls

“My Girls”

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Breathe In, Breathe Out” – When practicing simplicity is a struggle, as is feeling centered/focused/whatever healthier state you aspire to reach, start with the breath. Return to the inhale and exhale as a fail safe for being in the moment, in your body. Ahhhhhh.