I’m on a boat! Seaworthy songs to keep you afloat

After striking an iceberg, the oceanliner Titanic began sinking just before midnight on April 14, 1912, ultimately submerging in the early morning hours and taking down with it, into the frigid North Atlantic, more than 1,500 passengers aboard. This may seem like a morbid commemoration for an hour of music, but we chose to celebrate floating vessels of all sizes on our boat-themed April 14 #ThematicStatic, featuring several requests and (as always) music spanning genres and generations.

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Gang of Youths – “In The Wake of Your Leave”

Chicano Batman – “Friendship (Is a Small Boat in a Storm)”

The Smile – “Skrting The Surface”

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Hues Corporation – “Rock the Boat” – requested by local business Junk is the new Black via Instagram

The Mutton Birds – “Anchor Me” – Jude

Big Country – “Tall Ships Go” – W

Fiona Apple – “O Sailor”

Allah-Lahs – “Catamaran” – Zach

Modest Mouse – “Missed the Boat”

Florence & The Machine – “Ship to Wreck”

Toots and the Maytals – “Sailing On” – Chance

M. Ward – “Big Boat” – Kaylie and Skye

Briston Maroney – “Deep Sea Diver” – Jackson

Interpol – “Take You on a Cruise”

Great Requests That Got Left Ashore

Crosby Stills & Nash – “Wooden Ships” – Kevin

Primus – “John The Fisherman” – Evan

Good Times Family Band – “Canoe” – Julien

The Congos – “Row Fisherman” – Lauryn

Christopher Cross – “Sailing” – Drew

Leon Bridges – “Smooth Sailin'” – B

The Pogues – “Thousands are Sailing” – Jessica

Tame Impala – “The Boat I Row” – Jackson

Banditos – “Waves” – Corey

Blondfire – “Waves” – Andy

Styx – “Come Sail Away” – Felix

Lyle Lovett – “If I Had a Boat” – Sam

Jimmy Buffett – “Son of a Sailor” – Sarah

From Step Brothers (NSFW and def not safe for public radio!) – “Boats ‘n Hoes” – Sam

The Lonely Island – “I’m On a Boat”