Holler back: Songs with screaming and/or shouting

For our first encore broadcast of #ThematicStatic, the 8 o’clock hour of Sunday morning, November 6, was intense! If you missed the first or second chance to hear the November 3 #ThematicStatic over your FM airwaves, stream the archived show here (👇).

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#ThematicStatic Playlist

Wednesday – “Bull Believer” – The newest single from Asheville, N.C. band Wednesday is loud, proud and loooooong. Singer-songwriter Karly positive erupts towards the end in this song first debuted on WNXP on the #NewMusicExperience.

James Brown – “Get Up Offa That Thing” – You could spin a game show wheel on The Soul Man’s catalog and you’re highly likely to land on a song that features his famous yelp. Here’s a favorite:


Wet Leg – “Ur Mum” – This WNXP favorite (and sold-out 2nd Birthday Party headliner visiting Nashville again from the U.K. on December 1, yayyyy) ends the song with this:

Okay, I’ve been practicing my longest and loudest scream
Okay, here we go
One, two, three, ahhhhh!

“Ur Mum”

The Grateful Dead – “One More Saturday Night” – This one’s for all the Heads — a classic Europe ’72 tour rendition of a 2nd set/encore winner from the original “jam band,” featuring screamer Bob Weir on lead vocals.

Fugazi – “Full Disclosure” – Dillon requested this one from post-hardcore/screamo godfathers from D.C., off their 2001 record The Argument.

Tina & Ike Turner – “River Deep – Mountain High” – I can’t compete with Tina’s energy on even my best day. Just unbelievable.

Husker Du – “Eight Miles High” – Here’s a Byrds cover from 1984, a great request from Drew in Kentucky.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Mysteries” – This influential indie band is requested for many-a #ThematicStatic playlist. Adam requested this particular cut from 2006 sophomore album Show Your Bones because Karen O gets after it screaming at the end.

Pink Floyd – “Careful With That Ax Eugene”Ummagumma was a double album released by psychedelic Brit rockers Pink Floyd during this same week in November 1969. The otherwise jammy, meandering live track Rex requested includes a terrifying, blood-curdling scream interlude a few minutes in. Be prepared.