Daisha McBride Shares Her Mantra And An Intimate Performance

WNXP’s Nashville Artist of the Month for June is Daisha McBride.

In a personality clip, filmed and edited by YoBreezye, She shares her mantra: “Sometimes you gotta jump off a cliff and grow wings on the way down.” 

Behind her Josh Smith, who produces under the handle Sci-Fy, can be seen waiting at a keyboard.

In a separate clip, also captured by YoBreezye, Sci-Fy serves as McBride’s sole accompaniment on “Pump Fake,” a track that he co-produced for her with Big Bruno. In this rendition, the muscular bass thump and skittery beat are stripped away and the tempo slowed. McBride turns it into a showcase for her mellow brooding about how much of herself she gives to her ambitions, and how she holds those who would underestimate her at arm’s length.


  • Prod. Big Bruno & Sci-Fy
  • Keyboard: Josh Smith
  • Shot by: Yo Breezye