Corook made a Spotify playlist of their little worlds

In talking about their serious person (part 2) EP Corook told me, “I really like to think about each song as its own world and I want you to fall into a different world on each song.” The first track on the playlist that the Nashville-based artist made for us is “Plantasia.” It’s from Mort Garson’s 1976 cult masterpiece, Mother Earth’s Plantasia, an album that was specifically composed for plants. “I play that whole album when people are walking into the venue for the headline shows. It feels like such a world,” Corook explains.  

The playlist they made is full of those little worlds. Like Corook’s music itself the playlist is free of genre, bouncing from fingerpicking countrypolitan Dolly Parton to downbeat Robert Glasper’s avant-jazz to the perfect pop of their personal favorite, Troye Sivan. “That’s the song that’s on loop for me right now,” Corook, who went viral earlier this year with “If I Were A Fish,” tells me. “I’ve liked his music for so long that I can listen to his first album and then listen to this and know what parts of Troye were on the first one and know what parts are on this one. I love the evolution of hearing an artist grow out of things and grow into new things and just maturing.”  

That may lead you to believe that Corook listens to a ton of music all the time, but they ended our conversation by revealing that they really don’t. “I’m sorry but I just don’t listen to a lot of music. Because I find one song that I like and I loop it.”