Chicken soup for the…ears? Songs that comfort and heal

Midway through May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, is as nice a time as any to recall and then share your own “warm bath” (credit: Adam Culver) songs. What’s your go-to source of sonic swaddling?, we asked WNXP listeners. And, per usual, you delivered.

Stream the May 12 #ThematicStatic (👇) and, per usual, visit @WNXPNashville on our socials atop each week to learn the theme and lob some great requests our way. You can also record your request via voice memo at and we’ll air your intro during the show! Thanks to East Side Bowl for supporting this mixtape we make together.


Bakar – “Free”

Coldplay – “Shiver” – LOOK AT THESE BABIES, currently offsetting their massive world tour’s carbon footprint by making fans stationary bike along to their tunes. #respect

Adia Victoria – “Ain’t Killed Me Yet”

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Ben Howard – “Keep Your Head Up” – requested by Kristen on Twitter

The Velvet Underground – “Who Loves the Sun” – it’s sad, but sunny, you know?

Neko Case – “I Wish I Was the Moon” – requested by Kaylie, this is a classic from the 20-year-old Blacklisted record by the raven-haired singer-songwriter who’s returning to Nashville this summer for a show at Brooklyn Bowl.

Nick Drake – “Pink Moon” – a recommendation by our own Adam Culver (currently on WNXP middays M-F), but also a dedication to my BFF and college roommate Ashley, since we used to put on this record to fall asleep in our dorm like the angelic/old soul 19-year-olds we were.

The Brook and the Bluff – “Don’t Worry Baby” – this repeated #ThematicStatic selection, Beach Boys original by this Nashville-based quartet, was requested by ___ this time around. We originally aired it during our Under the Covers January blitz of cover tunes.

Sly & the Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summertime” – I find I grow at least 25% happier hearing this song, no matter my circumstances. This performance video clip from 1969 might just triple that for you!

Willie Nelson ft. Lukas Nelson – “Just Breathe” (Pearl Jam cover) – Kristen requested this via Twitter.

Radiohead – “Let Down” – a masterclass in pop-rock production, especially if you’re wearing headphones.

Bedouine – “One of These Days” – Adam Culver said this one, from Bedouine’s self-titled 2017 debut record, is a real chiller. Hard agree.

ABBA – “Chiquitita” – about this particular song from the world famous Swedish disco quartet, Jude said:

“This is my comfort blanket of a song. It always makes me cry.
Always makes me feel like I have sun on my skin
and reminds me that all things pass.”

Listener/requester Jude on “Chiquitita”

Cotton Jones – “Gotta Cheer Up” – WNXP’s own Emily Young has this on her pick-me-up playlist and shared the recommendation.

Squirrel Flower – “Iowa 146 (Live from WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral)” – I can’t specify who on the WNXP squad, but someone wept when Ella Williams sang this one from the Planet (i) record in our then-newly-operational performance space. You can watch the three-song set and interview again here.

Runners Up

Sharon Van Etten – “We Are Fine” – requested by Marissa

Sarah Jarosz – “Green Lights” – requested by Jamie

Marc Scibilia – “Shining Like America” – requested by Matthew