Caitlin Rose Proves Why She’s a Nashville Institution: Watch Her Live at WNXP

Fans of Nashville’s Caitlin Rose have been impatiently awaiting her return for nearly a decade, but her latest full-length CAZIMI proves it was well worth the wait. Rose’s hiatus allowed space for both personal and musical growth, and the result is a maturity in her musicianship that even further blurs the line of any “genre” Rose may claim. Sonically, the record is more layered than her earlier work, but her sharp tongue and definite lyrics remain constant. As if more proof was needed, CAZIMI shows why Rose is a Nashville institution.

Watch Nashville Artist of the Month Caitlin Rose perform “Black Obsidian,” “Blameless” and “Nobody’s Sweetheart” off CAZIMI live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.