A Long December + A Thrust Into 2022

Most year-end programming is a countdown or (to me) stress-inducing ranking system of songs, albums, movies, so on and so forth. But on the December 16 #ThematicStatic, we elected to look AHEAD to the many months of the next year year that will feature more music, more art and (fingers + toes crossed) more opportunities for connection. This broadcast was quite simply a list of songs about months of the year, and you listeners had some great picks. Listen! 👇🏼

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Phoebe Bridgers – “If We Make it Through December” (Merle Haggard cover) – Sorry for the early morning heartbreak, but what a beautiful rendition of this technically-Christmas song.

The Avett Brothers – “January Wedding” – Sam requested this, also one of my old Avetts favorites with Seth’s high register carrying the day.

Beach Bunny – “February” – Wes requested this tune, thankfully, because if you listen to me at all, you know I believe in the infinite goodness of Beach Bunny, a band coming back to Nashville in May!

Frightened Rabbit – “Late March, Death March” – This is a track from the Selkirk, Scotland band’s 2013 record Pedestrian Verse.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – “April Skies” – I honored Katie’s request and played a second consecutive Scottish band in a 12-song set, how about that?

Arcade Fire – “Month of May” – The more aggressive side of Arcade Fire. We dig.

Pete Yorn – “June” – Carrie requested this deep cut off the celebrated 2001 record musicforthemorningafter.

X – “4th of July” – Did you know that in 2020 X released their first studio album in 25 years, Alphabetland, and it’s really great? This song that fits our theme, however, is from their 1987 LP.

Dreamer Boy – “August” – Local love for Zachary Taylor, who is Dreamer Boy, whose 2021 release All The Ways We Are Together was a #RecordoftheWeek this summer. Check out Emily Young’s review here.

Earth, Wind & Fire – “September” – Both Matthew and Ximena knew we needed to dance on a Thursday morning. And nothing — possibly nothing at all — beats this crowd-pleaser.

Yours Truly, Jai – “OCTOBER” – This Nashville artist was one of our earliest #RecordoftheWeek highlights in the early months of WNXP! ICYMI, here is Jewly Hight’s review of the Monarch EP, which includes “October.”

Bartees Strange – “Mr. November” (The National cover)

More Ideas & Requests

Counting Crows – “A Long December” – Nathan and Lisa’s requests validated my initial reason for wanting to do this show, because 25 years later this song is still so good, you guys. “The feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters but no pearls,” are you serious? Remember👇🏼:

Yumi Zouma – “December” – Dale brought this band to my attention once again!

The Decemberists – “January Hymn” – Monica’s request

IDLES – “MTT 420 RR” – A new one off their 2021 release Crawler includes these “ugh, February is the worst” lyrics:

It was February
I was cold and I was high
He wanted love
There’s not enough
To make him whole

“MTT 420 RR”

Unbunny – “February Secret” – Steve Haruch, the Senior Producer at the forthcoming “This Is Nashville” daily show on our sister station WPLN, told me about this track I’d never heard! Oh I how I love Music Discovery from all across Nashville Public Radio. Listen! 👇🏼

Count Basie OR Billie Holliday – “April in Paris” – I love that two separate requesters, Pepe and Safara, suggested this classic composition but different versions.

Simon & Garfunkel – “April, Come She Will” – Safara and Vince both requested this one from my uncles, Paul and Art, who inspired the name for my mama’s May baby (me).

Briston Maroney – “June” – Sam requested this local artist’s tune with these lyrics:

Ain’t it funny how I wanted this all my life?
Ain’t it funny how I got it here and it don’t seem right?
Ain’t it funny how we all want to be someone new?
Ain’t it funny how I fell in love and then came June?


John Vanderslice – “June July” – Vanderslice’s record Cellar Door came out in 2004, the last time I did go home to Kentucky and stay for the (confusing, strained) summer, so it has even more meaning for me now. Listen!

Carl Broemel – “Fourth of July” – Kevin requested this one from the Nashville-based songwriter and guitarist’s 2016 release of the same name.

Neil Diamond – “September Morn” – Grant’s request

Taylor Swift – “August” – Levia’s request that Tay Tay absolutely does not need us to play on the radio, but I’m glad to tuck it into this list here, all the same. Listen👇🏼 and peep the lyrics:

Green Day – “Wake Me Up When September Ends” – Lisa’s request

Big Star – “September Gurls” – Chris requested this classic from Radio City.

Broken Bells – “October” – Grant’s request

Tyler, The Creator – “November” – Jackson’s request from the 2017 record Flower Boy. Listen!👇🏼