A Good Birthday To Us

For #ThematicStatic on December 2, we continued a WNXP birthday celebration after a rager show at EXIT/IN. The station was officially broadcasting with Jason Moon Wilkins at the wheel on the afternoon of November 30, 2020. We’ve got much more growing to do, and we’re confident we can achieve all our musical and community-enrichment hopes and dreams with Founding Members as partners! (The Winter Fund Drive, on now, offers ample opportunities to invest in music discovery!)

Whether you’ve listened since the very beginning, just heard about this station, or fall somewhere in between: we thank you. This is about you. We can all celebrate with this collection of birthday tunes requested by several of you. Listen! 👇🏼

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Heavy Lungs – “(A Bit of A) Birthday” – I hadn’t heard this song till Alec requested it and now I’m fairly obsessed. Aren’t you?!

Sugarcubes – “Birthday” – A pick from Hope. We also have M. Ward covering this tune quite recently, and it’s sweet.
Lesley Gore – “It’s My Party” – I didn’t catch her crying, but the December 1 WNXP anniversary bash also doubled as Emily Young’s birthday party, and we celebrated duly…doubly. Em requested this classic.
Altered Images – “Happy Birthday” – Suzie asked for this one on Twitter and we were happy to oblige!

Cursive – “A Birthday Bash” – I am so excited to see this band open for emo-hardcore band Thursday next month at Brooklyn Bowl. Their 2003 record The Ugly Organ was my jam but this track is from their 2012 record I Am Gemini, and another pick from Alec.
St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse” – WPLN Senior Editor Tony Gonzalez always has the best recommendations, like this one.
The Replacements – “Birthday Gal” – This one goes out to the 40, fabulous and now FREE Britney Spears, who celebrates a birthday today.

Adia Victoria – “You Was Born to Die” – So much Nashville love in one song, which features Margo Price, Kyshona and Jason Isbell and appears on Adia’s newest record, A Southern Gothic. Dig into our Nashville Artist of the Month features on Adia Victoria!
Carl Bean – “I Was Born This Way” – Way before Gaga, there was Bean. He popularized this gay disco anthem on Motown and later founded LGBTQ churches and served as an AIDS activist. He passed away in early September. Read his amazing story in this BBC obituary and listen to the song again!

Stevie Wonder – “Happy Birthday” – Danny knows what’s up. This song. This song is what’s up.
Hana Vu – “Everybody’s Birthday” – We’ve been spinning this a lot and are still loving it. Catch me on lots of days highlighting celebrity birthdays with this tune as inspiration.

Bonus Birthday Presents

Switchfoot – “Let That Be Enough” – Deep cut from Hannah, which includes these lyrics:

It’s my birthday tomorrow
No one here could know
I was born this Thursday
Twenty-two years ago

“Let That Be Enough”

Kool & The Gang – “Celebration” – Ximena couldn’t celebrate with us in-person at EXIT/IN but dedicated this birthday bop to WNXP!
The Smiths – “Unhappy Birthday”– Levia requested this one and singer Morrisey’s “It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore,” both.

The Beatles – “Birthday” – Every year (no exceptions) Mom either played this for me at home to wake me up on May 9 or (still, for the half my life I’ve lived away) calls me and plays the entire song before actually wishing me a happy birthday. It’s family tradition. Jeanette requested it, to boot!
Isaiah Rashad – “Bday” – Zach requested this cut off the hip-hop artist’s 2016 record. Anybody catch Rashad last month at Marathon?

Happy birthday to us, and a happy birthday to you, if you were born on this day or simply need a reason to eat cake for breakfast. No judgment here, ever.