Watch A.B. Eastwood’s Mind At Work As He Creates A New Track From Scratch

It’s not every day that you get to look over the shoulder of a musical mind like A.B. Eastwood’s at work, but this Mass Appeal-inspired exclusive video of the Nashville Artist of the Month for July allows you to do just that.

Filmed at Altru Creative by Third i Media, the clip shows Eastwood creating a track from start to finish, maintaining creative openness and singular focus while conversation buzzes all around him. He builds a brisk, syncopated beat from an assortment of percussion samples, tweaking the tempo until he finds what feels like a sweet spot. Then he lays down a chord progression on keyboard that reflects his jazz background, and adds a reedy synth pattern, whose fluttery texture is reflected in the title that WNXP’s own Paige Jack selected for the instrumental track: “Aviary.”

As the clip draws to a close, Eastwood’s still experimenting, heading out to his car to retrieve another keyboard that’ll further expand his sonic options.