Playlist: Songs Madi Diaz Wishes She’d Written

It’s the mark of a true artist, like WNXP’s Nashville Artist of the Month for August, Madi Diaz, to grasp and genuinely appreciate what goes into others’ work. An accomplished songwriter herself, who’s made refined albums, including the forthcoming History of a Feeling, and supplied other singers with material, she created a playlist of songs whose craft and emotional clarity have spoken to her.

Here’s what Diaz has to say about her selections:

I made this playlist an all out list of songs I wish I had written or even that I could have just been a fly on the wall for the making of. These are songs that I am always now and forever gonna be head over heels fan-girling out for. Some are written by strangers, some by friends, some are from Nashville, some are from maybe a completely different universe. Wherever they’re from, they’re just untouchably great songs that just make me so thankful that they exist in this world while I’m in it and forever after and beyond.