Playlist: Erin Rae draws inspiration from a variety of voices, all of them virtuosos of subtlety

Sometimes it’s the small gestures in music that convey the greatest insight. There’s ample proof in the singing and songwriting of Erin Rae, a Tennessee native who started life in smalltown Jackson, taking in her parents’ easy harmonizing at home, then cut short her college studies to focus on voice and guitar lessons and open […]

Guest DJ Set: Listen to Brassville’s Jonathon Neal and Derrick Green break down how they plan a show

The band Brassville has made a name for itself playing all across Music City, from an initial street corner performance during the 2019 NFL Draft to dates at The Basement East, Exit/In, Acme Feed and Seed and other venues. Similar to the selection of songs in the group’s curated playlist, the band performs a wide […]

Record of the Week: The War on Drugs’ ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’

The reverb-rich drums and twinkling keys throughout I Don’t Live Here Anymore, the fifth studio record from Philadelphia rock group The War on Drugs, surely recall soft rock sounds of previous decades. But make no mistake—front man Adam Granduciel leads a world class 21st Century guitar band. At base level, Granduciel and his five musical […]

Record of the Week: Mike Floss’s ‘Oasis’

Plenty of rappers who’ve been in the game for a while understand that establishing their place in an ever-expanding lineage requires not only referencing and paying homage to the sounds and figures that preceded them, but engaging with new ones rising up. The impulse to evolve might propel an artist through multiple, distinct aesthetic eras. […]

Black and queer artists and advocates are building their own grassroots networks in roots music

This is the relaunch of our Community Beats series, where we bring you stories about fascinating people, pivotal perspectives and important work being done in and around music right where we live. TRANSCRIPT: Host intro: Over the last several years, there’s been growing recognition of the ways that Black and queer people have been marginalized […]

Exit/In For The Win

Tonight, Merge Records artist Torres — whose newest LP Thirstier was our #RecordoftheWeek (and the subject of a simultaneous NPR Music feature) not too long ago — graces one of the most storied stages in Music City, a room that live music fans (and longtime residents clutching to wisps of Old Nashville) hope remains a […]

Madi Diaz Bypassed Near-Breakthroughs And A Pivotal Breakup On A Journey To Stunning Clarity

Madi Diaz didn’t always grasp how to capture the unraveling of complicated emotions in her writing and delivery, but she certainly does now, as she displays during the chorus of “New Person, Old Place” from her new album History of a Feeling. “What use to hurt doesn’t hurt anymore,” she sings, trailing off with relief. […]