Madi Diaz Brings ‘History Of A Feeling’ to the Sonic Cathedral

It may seem impossible to write the perfect breakup album, but Nashville’s Madi Diaz did just that with History Of A Feeling, her first full-length in seven years. The LP, her fifth, captures the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies heartbreak and growth, all the while reflecting on Diaz’s very personal experiences with the subject matter. Featuring […]

Madi Diaz Bypassed Near-Breakthroughs And A Pivotal Breakup On A Journey To Stunning Clarity

Madi Diaz didn’t always grasp how to capture the unraveling of complicated emotions in her writing and delivery, but she certainly does now, as she displays during the chorus of “New Person, Old Place” from her new album History of a Feeling. “What use to hurt doesn’t hurt anymore,” she sings, trailing off with relief. […]

Playlist: Songs Madi Diaz Wishes She’d Written

It’s the mark of a true artist, like WNXP’s Nashville Artist of the Month for August, Madi Diaz, to grasp and genuinely appreciate what goes into others’ work. An accomplished songwriter herself, who’s made refined albums, including the forthcoming History of a Feeling, and supplied other singers with material, she created a playlist of songs […]

New Music Experience: Dec. 17, 2021

New music releases are still trickling in amongst the deluge of holiday releases but for shows like the New Music Experience it’s the time of year for year-end lists, lookbacks and best of’s. Last week in tribute to our Winter Fund Drive we had WNXP founding listener-members pick their favorite discoveries of our first year […]

New Music Experience: Nov. 5, 2021

While we are very thankful for everyone who listens to the show, works on the show and supports the show (including our sponsor Tennessee Brew Works) we did not skip ahead —like retailers already playing Christmas music — and do a Thanksgiving-themed show. That said, music lovers have plenty to be thankful for with new […]